Leen Kondakji

Asserting that the world is real,
you are blind to its deeper reality;
denying that the world is real,
you are blind to the selflessness of all things. […]
Step aside from all thinking,
and there is nowhere you can’t go.

Seng Ts’an, The Mind of Absolute Trust
© Copyright Leen Kondakji @patternandrepetition

Sophie Ko

O soul! lay up all earthly

goods in store,

Thy mead with pleasure’s

flowerets spangle o’er;

And know ‘tis all as dew,

that decks the flowers

For one short night,

and then is seen no more!

O cuore, fa’ conto d’avere

tutte le cose del mondo,

Fa’ conto che tutto ti sia

giardino delizioso di verde,

E su quell’erba fa’ conto

d’esser rugiada

Gocciata colà nella notte,

e al sorger dell’alba svanita.

Omar Khayyam, Quatrains, 243

© Copyright Sophie Ko